Driving requires you to maintain your car regularly. As a responsible driver, you must keep in mind that your car’s quality and maintenance standards are reliable.

After three years, your vehicle must undergo a MOT test. In order to keep you and others safe on the road, your vehicle has to pass a MOT test every year. E&V Auto Services is a  DVSA  approved  MOT test center in Enfield that offer to provide reliable MOT test for all makes and models in a competitive price.

Our experienced team has a goal to make sure that every necessary part is carefully checked during the MOT test. Along with drainage, gears, brakes, tyres, changing wheels, windscreens, lights, management, and handles. We strive to ensure that your vehicle meets the basic standards for quality and safety, but if it initially fails, we also provide MOT retests at your convenience.


Your car needs to be maintained on a regular basis to avoid any unsafe conditions. However, Regular maintenance also guarantees that you can take care of any problems as soon as they arise. If it is not promptly resolved, it can grow more expensive.

 Your car requires maintenance after a certain amount of miles. This restriction is usually specified by the manufacturer of your vehicle. E&V Auto Services  provides excellent same-day interim and full service for all makes and models in an affordable price. We use most up-to-date tools in our garage, while during car servicing we check brakes, clutches, hydraulic suspension, tyres, exhausts, air conditioning, wheel balance, and tracking system according to your car needs.

Choose us to get quality services for your car because we are capable of doing all vehicle servicing on its highest standards, whether it is a minor or a large.


Diagnostic check is an important part to guarantee that any defects in the vehicle must identify on right time. A car diagnostic test will indicate any faults with your engine, oil tank, gasoline tank, or transmission system.

E&V Auto Services provides professional car diagnostic services for all makes and models at affordable prices. Although, a dashboard warning light is a clue that something is wrong with your car. There could be also a variety of errors that only a specialist can identify. Our qualified team can conduct diagnostic tests to identify problems with your car immediately.

We ensure our customers to use highly advanced diagnostic tools as auto specialists to detect the real cause behind that error.

Auto Repairs

Driving the car with failed or malfunctioning system is no less than a disaster. Therefore, it is extremely important to keep your car in perfect working condition.  While having well-maintained vehicle means that you are equipped to respond to dangers on the road. Similarly, brakes, clutches, suspension and all the vital auto parts make up the major safety system of any vehicle.

So, it is of utmost importance to track the performance of your car when it require professional attention.

At E&V Auto Services, we have certified mechanics to undertake all type of auto repairs for all makes and models in an affordable price.

Our experienced mechanics are here to offer you excellent guidance and support. We provide your car’s clutch, brakes, and suspension repairs with the same high-quality replacements of original parts. None of the services we offer will compromise any manufacturer warranties.

We are completely focused on offering value for money with no compromise on safety or quality assurance. Therefore, if you observe any indications, bring your car to us! We guarantee to check your car thoroughly to identify which parts needs to be fixed immediately.

Air Conditioning Service

If the air conditioner isn’t functioning properly, it can reduce fuel efficiency. While the temperature of the car is one of the key factors that contributes to a comfortable ride. And only an air conditioner’s proper functioning makes this feasible. Although, various factors, such as excessive use or fluid leakage, can cause air conditioning to malfunction or fail.

Weak airflow, a blocked expansion tube, refrigerant leakage, and rattling noises from a malfunctioning condenser are all signs that air conditioning repairs are urgently required.

As a leading Car garage, E&V Auto Services offers an extensive quality service for your car’s air conditioning for all makes and models. We ensure that your car air conditioner works in every season with the best result. Our specialists are passionate about working on all different kinds of vehicles to ensure that they perform to the highest standard. So, if you need car air conditioning repair in Enfield, contact us right away. You can also count on us for getting an immediate appointment at a very competitive prices.